Hello! I hail from Grand Rapids, MI.

You can find also find me on Mastodon or LinkedIn. You can also contact me here.

I am a staff platform engineer for Misfits Market. I enjoy exploring new technologies, automation, and a bit of development. I am also an avid music listener, craft beer lover, and a self proclaimed corgi enthusiast.

Some of my work

  • Misfits Market

    July 2022 – Present

    Staff Platform Engineer

    August 2021 – June 2022

    Senior Infrastructure Engineer

  • HarperCollins Publishers 

    January 2016 – August 2021

    Infrastructure Engineer

    Used a wide variety of AWS services including: EC2, RDS, Elasticache, DynamoDB, S3, CloudFront, ElasticSearch, SQS, Lambda, ECS, Route53, and more.
    Used automation (primary Puppet/Ansible) to continually improve availability, auto scaling, and costs.

  • Modpack Index

    January 2015 – Present

    Founder / Developer / Everything

    A small site that I built in my free time. Site serves as central index for the fast growing Minecraft modding/modpack scene. Allows me to sharpen my development skills and try out new technologies in a live environment.

  • LibraryThing

    December 2012 – January 2016

    Systems Administrator

    Acted as the single Systems Administrator for a small company that serves millions of requests per day from our servers/systems. I managed everything including MySQL, Nginx, Apache, Graphite, Elasticsearch, Solr, KVM/Xen parents and so much more. I was always picking up new technologies and learning on the fly. Did a bit of development as needed, from fixing bugs to writing tools to help make my job (and others) easier.

  • Liquid Web

    August 2011 – December 2012

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Acted as a liaison between customers and developers. Extensive testing of a wide variety of projects from large to small. Write scripts/programs to test API and other areas of projects

    January 2010 – September 2011

    Systems Administrator

    Provided excellent customer support via telephone and help desk in a super past paced enviorment. Troubleshooted a wide range of issues from basic to complex. Eventually joined the Monitoring team to help provide proactive monitoring for customers.